MERET company from the 90s...

Mere, Ltd. belongs to a group of companies with the evaluation of the highest credibility in the Slovak Republic. The company has met the highest standards of reliability and stability of the market, and therefore falls within the exclusive group of 3.7% of Slovak companies can use certification A as a symbol of high credit ratings.

MERET, s. r. o., was established in 1990 on Czecho-slovak market in order to participate on conversion of technologies in energetics, mechanical engineering, food and chemical industry to modern production units.

MERET, s. r. o. has effectively availed itself of the intellectual potential of the employees so as to implement hundreds of technical solutions that have been considered highly inventional, at optimal costs level, and quick finalization.

Products of the MERET, s. r. o. have become more faultless and improved. Passive visual display units have changed into modern devices equipped with processors, allowing user-friendly operation and higher quality of communication with attending personnel, and have transformed into devices of the new generation.

MERET, s. r. o. is currently developing and producing manometers, thermometers, calorimeters, various types of transmitters, data loggers, and displaying and control units. Products of MERET, s. r. o. are possible to be find in nuclear, hydroelectric, and thermal power stations, at the basins of Czech and Slovak rivers, in drinking water basins, mines, dairies, agricultural manufactures, mobile or stationary devices of the Slovak Army, in storehouses of petroleum products, at petrol fillings, or in SPP, Slovnaft, and U. S. Steel.